Dirty Board PCBs

[2014/08/20] UPDATED: unboxing

Experimenting on a new project (a VA meter):

InstrumentationAmp VAmeter

I tried the Dirty Board PCBs service:
Dirty Board PCBs
I chose Express shipping because in my country standard shipping means waiting 1++ months due to ‘standard‘ customs operations.
Service has been very quick:

  • Sunday 10 Aug 2014 9:58: Order received “Yum yum. PCBs. FEED ME! ;)”
  • Sunday 10 Aug 2014 22:30: At board house “Sent to board house, batch #****”
  • Thursday 14 Aug 2014 22:37: Shipped “Thanks for making us part of your project!”
  • Saturday 16 Aug 2014 9:00: Trackable “Order trackable: DHL #**********”
  • Wednesday 20 Aug 2014 15:30: PCBs arrived !! 🙂

Exactly 10 days from Upload to Unboxing, including 4 days of travel.



Got 10 ‘Red’ pcbs, 11 ‘blue’ pcbs + 1 free tweezers and Dangerous Prototypes stickers.


Red PCBs: holes perfectly aligned, soldermask good alignment on both sides, silkscreen has a small offset (< 1 mm) see photos.

Blue PCBs: holes aligned within tolerance, soldermask good alignment on both sides, silkscreen has a small offset (1 mm) + some silkscreen imperfection (dirty) on some pcbs; again see photos.

Conclusion: red pcbs are perfect, some of the blue ones have only some aestetic imperfection. I’m very satisfied.

Some photos follow, please note I don’t have a microscope so the quality is not good (f.i. some have strange reflections, not a good focus, …):Pcbs_20140820_red2


Seleted the worst details of the worst 3 pcbs to show how the worst dirty can be: